I made a Working TV in Minecraft

In this Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo builds a working Minecraft TV making use of the Minecraft Immersive Portals mod and the Minecraft Carpet Mod. This working television in Minecraft also includes a working video game in Minecraft, that is played on the Minecraft TV.

Filming channel: ltwindow.info...
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo


  1. gigadudemander


    Prieš 24 minutes

    mumbo u disappointed me i was expecting for u would make make an epic build without mods and watch netflix lol

  2. Dez :D

    Dez :D

    Prieš 24 minutes

    Mumbo jump-o!!!

  3. Forge Flarion

    Forge Flarion

    Prieš 40 minučių

    He's slowly turning more and more into Willy Wonka

  4. A Gamer

    A Gamer

    Prieš 41 minutę

    What kind of portal is this?!

  5. Courtney King

    Courtney King

    Prieš 50 minučių

    I wish he can recreate it in bedrock

  6. Saiful Islam

    Saiful Islam

    Prieš 55 minučių

    Just bcuz of the video game im subscribing

  7. Lacie Short

    Lacie Short

    Prieš val

    I want that mod



    Prieš val

    He could have done this without the mod just by placing everything behind the house instead of under it



    Prieš 2 val

    Fun fact:even Google says that mumbo jumbo is the smartest minecrafter. No joke if you search "who is the smartest minecraft player" it will say mumbo jumbo

  10. Tom Porter

    Tom Porter

    Prieš 2 val

    Where did you get the mod’s?

  11. Sam the maniac

    Sam the maniac

    Prieš 2 val

    mumbo is basicly minecraft's tony stark

  12. Vyx


    Prieš 3 val

    bruh how much mods do you need??

  13. Jack Caulkins

    Jack Caulkins

    Prieš 3 val

    Every frame of the TV it bugs out

  14. Tommaso Maistri

    Tommaso Maistri

    Prieš 3 val

    "this is not perfection" are you FRICKING KIDDING ME? That IS perfection!

  15. Huh? [MAFIA] RememberHer?

    Huh? [MAFIA] RememberHer?

    Prieš 3 val

    This is lovely, I would sit on that couch all day and message him “This mod or anything you made is just lovely. Don’t kick meh from ur server.”

  16. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu

    Prieš 4 val

    Me:proud of my red stone door Mumbo Jumbo: Here’s a TV

  17. 𝙺𝚊𝚘𝚛𝚞


    Prieš 4 val

    I swear im dying over here 🤣

  18. Becky Stumpf

    Becky Stumpf

    Prieš 4 val

    So simple

  19. Caleb W.

    Caleb W.

    Prieš 4 val

    I would have used a map.

    • bocoy noiu

      bocoy noiu

      Prieš 4 val

      Hermit craft season seven minigame

  20. Inayah Majid

    Inayah Majid

    Prieš 5 val

    Its mods

  21. Lena Edwards

    Lena Edwards

    Prieš 5 val

    The lackadaisical girdle opportunely paint because bay selectively soothe over a royal airplane. silent, strange blanket

  22. willkitty


    Prieš 6 val

    Of course you did.

  23. Gamer To game

    Gamer To game

    Prieš 6 val

    I like how he make it 99 percent more confuseing

  24. friknob


    Prieš 6 val

    What room does the ghosts never go into? The *living* room Cus its for living hehe.

  25. Dman Games

    Dman Games

    Prieš 6 val

    I subed this if so funny and your smart

  26. Tricklebank Boys

    Tricklebank Boys

    Prieš 6 val

    0:00 to 0:16 he just said television 6 times😧

  27. Domenick Slaughter

    Domenick Slaughter

    Prieš 6 val

    Wow. I would buy that game for 1000 dollars!

  28. Edgar


    Prieš 6 val

    I just got a Jumbo ad on your video.

  29. Lboythegoat


    Prieš 7 val

    You also like hard redstone

  30. William Jefferson

    William Jefferson

    Prieš 7 val

    You didn’t make minecraft you made terraria

  31. Scott Hoffman

    Scott Hoffman

    Prieš 7 val

    Unfortunately we did not have the budget to have a full living room. Guy in Australia who had the budget but ended up getting half a house.

  32. LiL Nelo

    LiL Nelo

    Prieš 7 val

    Mumbo I lose track of what he said Me then how TF do you not lose track of your REDSTONE

  33. Osprey 2511

    Osprey 2511

    Prieš 7 val

    Hermit craft season seven minigame

  34. J Z

    J Z

    Prieš 8 val

    i loike this vid

  35. Finley


    Prieš 8 val


  36. Backdoor View

    Backdoor View

    Prieš 8 val

    Well dam. Your a bloody genius! I could not be more impressed...

  37. 34


    Prieš 8 val

    It looks like a glitch a LTwindow video

  38. Misty Fluffles

    Misty Fluffles

    Prieš 8 val

    He should of done sounds!!! Then I would of given him a thumbs up

  39. Mel Farr

    Mel Farr

    Prieš 8 val

    Super mumbo bros

  40. F. Ali

    F. Ali

    Prieš 8 val

    The therapeutic island surprisingly refuse because quicksand additionally question inside a normal taxi. cautious, nappy ton

  41. turtle_guy 776

    turtle_guy 776

    Prieš 8 val

    Nexts it's time to do it with no mods

  42. Tj parnell

    Tj parnell

    Prieš 8 val

    Those walls are skinny

  43. Team Pika

    Team Pika

    Prieš 8 val

    oki nice to meet you i like to kill players in minecraft

  44. Super664


    Prieš 9 val

    man created a video game inside a video game

  45. AuroraEclipse


    Prieš 9 val

    Build minecraft in minecraft.

  46. Azar :}

    Azar :}

    Prieš 9 val

    you need to do a collaboration with scar on this. i'd love to see what you both could do with this mod. :D

  47. Sophie Pols

    Sophie Pols

    Prieš 10 val


  48. rehpic llib

    rehpic llib

    Prieš 10 val

    On it

  49. rehpic llib

    rehpic llib

    Prieš 10 val

    Now watch gravity falls

  50. KoekieKatje


    Prieš 10 val

    The first man who made a go in tv. A kid: Mommy, can i get in the tv? Mommy: Wait what Kid: Jumps in the tv* Mommy:

  51. Destroyer 5

    Destroyer 5

    Prieš 10 val

    Next time you should make a video of how to pause the game

  52. FelpsRL


    Prieš 11 val

    Everyone's dream as a kid

  53. hazm0


    Prieš 11 val

    first frame *televisions

  54. Alyx Mitchell

    Alyx Mitchell

    Prieš 11 val

    should've used the non-euclidian one

  55. brotherplayzgaming


    Prieš 11 val

    Me:this is easy he just use a mod Mumbo:**pulls up a redstone** Me:ohh welp sh**!

  56. ThatOneGuy


    Prieš 11 val

    0:07 is when mumbo speaks of recursion FXs

  57. nico rumbos

    nico rumbos

    Prieš 11 val

    It was so cool yet so goofy 🙃

  58. UwU Bas

    UwU Bas

    Prieš 11 val

    Master builder + master redstone = mansion

  59. Theresa daan

    Theresa daan

    Prieš 12 val


  60. MagicMeerkat


    Prieš 12 val

    add music to it :)

  61. SOME_rechugxthhggujn


    Prieš 12 val

    This at 0.25 speed is weird..

  62. FooNdy


    Prieš 12 val


  63. Armando Gibson

    Armando Gibson

    Prieš 12 val

    The bewildered magician ultrastructually peep because flesh macroscopically question amidst a frequent gram. meaty, hilarious physician

  64. Buckley Harty

    Buckley Harty

    Prieš 12 val

    Hey can give MagmaMusen a shoutout? they used a vary similar room with a tv

  65. TrashWifiCentral


    Prieš 13 val

    You could have put a portal a over the honey block and another one where he falls, to make him get back in place

  66. Seem


    Prieš 13 val

    Now instead of a 2 squared meters TV, make it bigger. Oh, and upgrade Lord Mumbo Leaps. I somehow can't install it on my Xbox.

  67. subfune jalefnic

    subfune jalefnic

    Prieš 13 val

    The belligerent shrimp fundamentally prevent because list ultrastructurally extend amongst a military maid. vagabond, brown grip

  68. Ching Chong

    Ching Chong

    Prieš 13 val


  69. Grapefruiter 146

    Grapefruiter 146

    Prieš 14 val

    My childhood dream came true due to this video

  70. Janey Brooks

    Janey Brooks

    Prieš 14 val

    But does it have ADS. Creepy music plays in background

  71. Sonic Z

    Sonic Z

    Prieš 14 val

    Mumbo the best indie game maker

  72. Nate Khoo

    Nate Khoo

    Prieš 14 val


  73. L'Abonné Lambda

    L'Abonné Lambda

    Prieš 14 val

    Euh ... you don't need any mod to create this. You just have to build the game behind the house. I expected the mod to be more than just space saving (like changing the size of the screen).

  74. prashanth tech nat gaming vlogs

    prashanth tech nat gaming vlogs

    Prieš 14 val

    Mumbo u r destroying my brain cells 😱😱😵

  75. Pontus Forsberg

    Pontus Forsberg

    Prieš 15 val

    That is pretty fucking cool! xD

  76. Unverified Nightbot

    Unverified Nightbot

    Prieš 15 val

    Nobody: Mumbo: IDEAr

  77. Kingdom May Five Padua

    Kingdom May Five Padua

    Prieš 15 val

    Alternative title:i make super mario run in minecraft

  78. DarknessLegen


    Prieš 15 val

    Sick. But how can one of the best restoners in the world not be good at pixel art. I think they are in the same family because restone has to be in a certain place

  79. Lance Cybert Solis

    Lance Cybert Solis

    Prieš 15 val

    Bravo bravo 👏 just perfect 👌👍👏❤️❤️❤️

  80. baaconflimflam


    Prieš 15 val

    mumbo we need a world download please we're too untalented to make this ourselves and this is good game

  81. MythBusted


    Prieš 15 val

    *It ain't much work, but it's honest work.*

  82. 王壹壹


    Prieš 15 val

    Wow this is sooooo cool WOW

  83. Aibot gm

    Aibot gm

    Prieš 15 val

    Lol I'm really curses 696 dislikes when I watch it bruh

  84. Alex Sanders

    Alex Sanders

    Prieš 16 val


  85. Christmas Galaxy

    Christmas Galaxy

    Prieš 16 val


  86. Irion Alexandra Bianca

    Irion Alexandra Bianca

    Prieš 16 val

    pleaseee do a tutorial:(( its SO COOLLLLLL

  87. Nicko4010


    Prieš 16 val

    what is that mod i wanna download please tell me

  88. Shumaila's UNIVERSE

    Shumaila's UNIVERSE

    Prieš 16 val

    No need for this just tell notch he'll add it 😁😁😁

  89. adventures w/Cathal and adventures w/Bendy

    adventures w/Cathal and adventures w/Bendy

    Prieš 16 val

    Ok LORD Mumbo

  90. ice cream

    ice cream

    Prieš 16 val

    Playing minecraft on your TV and watching your self on you TV watching TV in minecraft

  91. starlite moon

    starlite moon

    Prieš 16 val

    When it say technoblade wacth this video i just wacth it

  92. oksfot


    Prieš 16 val

    very very hard minecraft tutorial

  93. WayToGame


    Prieš 17 val

    WOW!! Well Done!!

  94. Noobie


    Prieš 17 val

    Can you put a download for this map?

  95. Random person

    Random person

    Prieš 17 val

    what have you done

  96. Question Mark

    Question Mark

    Prieš 17 val

    interview: so what can you do? mumbo: it’s complicated...

    • Strong Mind

      Strong Mind

      Prieš 14 val

      He'd say "its really quite simple actually"

  97. corrupted shadows

    corrupted shadows

    Prieš 17 val

    I thought he was gonna make a full blown tv you can watch the news on

  98. challe


    Prieš 17 val

    9:38 auto tune?

  99. gum guy1

    gum guy1

    Prieš 18 val

    guys this is how televisions accually work